When Culture Meets Talent: Elevating Recruitment with Wildcat Careers

Mar 3, 2024

In today’s job market, aligning company culture with recruitment practices is crucial. In this month’s blog, we dive into the importance of understanding your company’s culture and how it shapes the recruitment process. With millennials prioritising company culture and diverse teams driving higher revenues, it’s clear that a well-defined culture attracts top talent.

It is why MSPs and IT firms need to explore how behavioural recruitment and assessments, tailored interview questions, and effective onboarding can enhance candidate fit and retention. Join us as we navigate the intersection of culture, behaviour, and recruitment, highlighting strategies for a successful and cohesive workplace.

How culture, behavioural recruitment and candidates connect!

Aligning behavioural recruitment and assessment with company culture is a crucial aspect of modern hiring practices. Decoding how new hires possess the necessary skills but also blend well with the existing team and company ethos is a 2024 bonus.

But before you can align recruitment with your culture, you need a clear understanding of what your culture is. With 65% of millennial job seekers valuing company culture compared to the previous generation, organisations with a diverse leadership team have an average of 19% higher revenue gains This includes values, norms, and the overall work environment. Conduct internal surveys and discussions to capture the essence of your workplace culture and create a clear statement that reflects what you want your candidates to hear. This statement will help you guide your recruitment process, and ensure candidates understand what your company stands for.

Alongside your culture statement, developing a behavioural competency framework will enable you to identify the behavioural competencies that are crucial for success in your company. Tailor your interview questions to assess these competencies – it’s a part of what we do and offer clients here at Wildcat Careers. For instance, ask candidates to describe a time they adapted to a significant change or resolved a team conflict. Or ask them what problem they overcame at their previous employer they are most proud of – it tells a lot about a candidate’s character and skills. A whopping 89% of employees who felt strongly integrated and connected to company culture thrive compared to 59% who feel disconnected.

You can also use psychometric testing (we’re DiSC Certified at Wildcat Careers), which can assess personality traits and cognitive abilities that align with your company culture. A good fit in one company, one role or one team might not be ideal in another, depending on the culture, values and team differences.

The recruitment cycle, and candidate experience don’t stop there. Nor the assessment of behavioural competency. Ensure your onboarding process includes a comprehensive introduction to your company’s culture. Did you know, that only 12% of employees agree that their company does a great job of onboarding new hires! Level up your game with workshops, mentorship programs, and interactive sessions with various teams – and don’t forget to roll in some measurement, as only 55% of companies assess the effectiveness of their onboarding programmes. After all, assessment is a two-sided coin!

The Critical Role of Soft Skills in MSP Technical Support Success

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Managed Services Providers (MSPs), technical acumen alone does not guarantee success. As the frontline of IT support, professionals in 1st to 3rd Line Technical Support roles must possess a blend of technical skills and soft skills to effectively address client needs. Here is a quick-fire low-down on the top soft skills called for within the MSP sector.

  • Communication

Effective communication is paramount. Technical support specialists must translate complex technical jargon into understandable language for clients, demonstrating empathy and patience. This fosters trust and ensures clients feel supported and understood.

  • Problem-Solving

Beyond technical knowledge, the ability to approach problems creatively and analytically enables specialists to devise innovative solutions to complex issues, enhancing service quality and client satisfaction.

  • Adaptability

MSP environments are dynamic, with technologies and client needs constantly evolving. Specialists must adapt quickly to changes, learning new technologies and adjusting their approach to meet varied client demands.

  • Team Collaboration

Collaboration across different levels of technical support and with other departments is crucial. Sharing knowledge and resources ensures that client issues are resolved efficiently and effectively.

  • Customer Service Orientation

A strong orientation towards customer service, including the ability to listen actively and address concerns proactively, is essential. Building positive relationships with clients leads to higher retention rates and referrals.

  • Empathy in Technical Support

Empathy, particularly in 1st to 3rd Line Technical Support roles, stands out as a cornerstone soft skill. It involves understanding and sharing the feelings of clients, which is crucial in stressful or frustrating technical issues. Empathetic support specialists can better gauge the emotional state of the client and tailor their communication style, ensuring the client feels valued and understood.

Incorporating empathy training into professional development programs for technical support staff can significantly improve client interactions. Techniques such as active listening, expressing understanding, and validating the client’s concerns can be practised and refined.

Soft skills like communication, problem-solving, adaptability, team collaboration, and customer service are indispensable for 1st to 3rd Line Technical Support roles in MSPs. By focusing on the development of these skills, MSPs can enhance their service quality, client satisfaction, and ultimately, their market competitiveness. Empathy, as a deep dive, exemplifies the transformative impact of soft skills in technical support, highlighting its critical role in building strong client relationships and fostering a supportive, understanding service culture.

How we Unlock Retention for your Top Talent Hires!

Embark on a tech-tacular journey with our “Retention Accelerator” program, a 6-month odyssey designed to keep your top talent not just logged in, but fully engaged. Here’s how we reboot the retention process:

Cultural Integration: Byte-Sized Brilliance – Dive into a distinct culture where CTO leaders don’t just set the code, they inspire it, ensuring your new hires don’t just fit in, they flourish.

Coaching and Development: Debugging the Talent Gap – With intensive coaching and CTO mentorship, we transform new hires into tech titans, reducing turnover and supercharging engagement.

Personalised Support: Custom Coding Career Paths – Utilising skills and behavioural assessments, we craft a personalised action plan, helping each hire to compile success in their unique programming language.

Long-Term Investment: Upgrading Employee Firmware – Our support doesn’t have a logout time. Post the 6-month mark, we continue to mentor with the wisdom of CTO gurus, ensuring a legacy of learning and development.

In this program, every new hire is not just a user but a valued part of the mainframe. We’re not just accelerating retention; we’re installing a new era of employee empowerment!

Level-up your Recruitment Game.

As we close the loop on this tech-tastic journey through the Wildcat matrix of recruitment, it’s clear that the fusion of technical and behavioural skills isn’t just a futuristic concept – it’s today’s reality. Wildcat Careers is your navigator and partner in a dynamic, ever-changing talent world.

It’s not just about scanning for skills; we’re decoding potential. Evaluating both technical and behavioural acumen ensures a perfect match for every role. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all! Create and use tailor-made tools and strategies designed to sync with your unique company culture and hiring needs.

Whether you’re a tech wizard ready to conquer new challenges or a visionary company looking to expand your digital domain, Wildcat Careers is your go-to partner. We understand that in the tech sector, the right talent is more than just a set of skills – it’s the key to innovation and growth.

So, are you ready to embrace the Wildcat revolution in tech recruitment? Join us as we navigate this thrilling journey, unlocking a universe of endless possibilities in the tech sector. With Wildcat Careers, your quest for the perfect blend of tech talent is not just a mission; it’s a success story waiting to be written.

Reach out to us at Wildcat Careers, and let’s turn the page to the next chapter of your tech success story!

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