The Cybersecurity Rollercoaster: Skills, AI, and the Future

Jul 5, 2023

The Cybersecurity Gold Rush: Catching the MSP Wave in the Digital Era

Once upon a time, in the digital age, there was a treasure more valuable than gold. Data! It’s the heartbeat of the tech world, and it needs a knight in shining armour to protect it. Yes, we’re talking about Cybersecurity professionals, the digital superheroes of our age.

In the past three years, there’s been an epic surge in demand for these tech warriors. The UK has spent a whopping £10.5 billion in cybersecurity protection alone, and with a reported 44% boost in MSP and MSSP revenue in the past 2 years, it’s like a Cybersecurity gold rush. Everyone wants a piece of the action. But as Spiderman’s Uncle Ben would say, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’, and MSP / MSSPs are facing a skills gap that’s starting to look more like the Grand Canyon.

The Cybersecurity Skills Conundrum: Bridging the Gap in MSP Recruitment

Skills Gap Analysis, sounds fancy, right? Well, it’s basically a magnifying glass for companies to see what skills they’re missing. Think of it as a treasure map, guiding businesses to their golden needs. But in the Cybersecurity sector, this map is revealing a major problem.

The gap between the skills we have and the skills we need is wider than ever. The technology landscape is changing faster than a cheetah on rollerblades, and the skills of our Cybersecurity heroes are struggling to keep up.

With over 58,000 FTE equivalents rocking the cyber-security scene, a whopping 10% increase from last year alone, the learning train is on full throttle for MSPs! The UK Cyber Security Council has swooped in like a superhero too, armed with a delightful Careers Route Map featuring 16 sizzling specialisms in the cybersecurity sector, boosting our understanding of skill priorities. But with a global deficit of cybersecurity superheroes reaching a staggering 3.4 million, it is no wonder that more than half of UK companies are falling short in acquiring and training enough talents to meet demand.

Can you believe it?

It’s time to unleash our learning powers and bridge that gap, one smile at a time!

The Cybersecurity Skills Challenge: What is driving the skills gap?

Oh, the challenges that AI has brought! But fear not, for the skills gap is influenced by an array of factors. MSPs are on a mission to make the sector more accessible, breaking down the barriers that once made it a world solely for the elite. We need multi-level educational programs that cater to all, and guess what? The UK Government has got our back with their Level 4 Cyber Security Apprenticeship, offering a plethora of opportunities for anyone to reskill and join this exciting sector.

But wait, there’s more! Firms must step up their game and recruit talent at multiple levels. Just take Kevin Cross, CISO at Dell Technologies, as an example. He defied expectations with a degree in Kinesiology, proving that the traditional path is not the only way.

It’s time to celebrate diversity and inclusion (ED&I) in the sector. Currently, women account for a mere 24% of the cybersecurity workforce, and with amazing women including Katie Moussouris, a leading expert in vulnerability disclosure, women hold their own with poise and power. And the percentages for Black, Asian, and Hispanic professionals are equally disheartening despite Soledad Antelada Toledano heading up Google’s security technical program.  It’s a woeful statistic indeed! We have a vast resource of untapped potential that needs to be recognised and capitalised upon. With the future embracing Human Centric Cybersecurity, education, understanding, and representation will be our secret sauce.

But fret not, Dell Technologies has already switched on their game with the Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) Partnership Challenge, while the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has launched the Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) initiative to tackle the gender gap head-on. It’s time for MSPs to wake up and smell the invigorating aroma of coffee!

The Cybersecurity sector finds itself at a delightful balance point. We must understand the human need to close the skills gap, while also recognising the incredible potential of AI and Machine Learning to rapidly advance this exciting sector. Let’s dance along this tightrope with joy and enthusiasm, bringing a drive to bridge the gap between human ingenuity and technological marvels!

The AI Revolution: Changing the Game in Cybersecurity and MSP Services

Enter stage right, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the cool kid on the tech block. AI is like a digital brain, learning and problem-solving like a human, but at the speed of light. For Cybersecurity, AI is a secret weapon.

AI is like a superhero sidekick, spotting patterns, sniffing out strange goings-on, and predicting threats before they happen. But even super sidekicks have their flaws. AI can be complicated, and mysterious, and raises a few ethical eyebrows.

Despite these quirks, AI is carving out a big role in Cybersecurity. Whether it’s machine learning algorithms playing detective with phishing emails, or AI systems acting as a real-time threat bodyguard, AI is making a big splash.

It’s projected to skyrocket by a mind-blowing 23.6% to a jaw-dropping $43.3 billion by 2027. But wait, there’s more! Remember the 2023 GoDaddy breach? It had all the hallmarks of an AI-driven cyberattack. So, what’s the ultimate weapon against AI? You guessed it—AI itself! It’s an electrifying battle of wits, where AI takes centre stage to defend against its kind. Get set for a snappy showdown, where technology meets its match in a thrilling spectacle that’ll leave you breathless!

Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are the ultimate party starters, rocking the scene with their countless cybersecurity services. They’re all about splurging on AI and ML research and development, making it their top priority. Microsoft knows how to make it rain on the dance floor – they dropped a cool $1 billion in cybersecurity R&D last year.

But hold onto your hats because they’re not stopping there! They’re committed to shaking things up over the next five years with a staggering $20 billion investment. Talk about making a splash! These cloud platform giants are here to boogie down and show us how to secure our digital world with style and pizzazz. So, grab your dancing shoes and join the cybersecurity party of a lifetime! It’s all about cutting-edge tech, non-stop fun, and ensuring AI and ML steal the show!

Futuristic Cybersecurity: The Evolution of MSP Recruitment and Zero Trust Protocols

Fast forward to the future, and it’s clear the Cybersecurity heroes of tomorrow will need a new set of superpowers. AI and Machine Learning (ML) skills will be as essential as a superhero cape, and concepts like Zero Trust Cybersecurity and Human-Centric Design Practices will become the new normal.

Gartner, the Mega Management Consultancy, has a burning hot recommendation for us. They’re urging us to go beyond technology and automation, and instead, ignite a fiery engagement with our employees. It’s all about empowering them to make impactful decisions and fuelling their knowledge to reach new heights of awesomeness! And did you know that nearly half of the cybersecurity leaders are doing the job hop? It’s like a whirlwind of adventure out there! And wait for it—up to 70% of boards are predicted to add a cybersecurity expert to their lineup. It’s a snappy move that demands multi-level investment and attention.

Things have been changing faster than you can say “CRISC and CISSP.” But hold on tight. In 2023, we’re in for a major upgrade. Cloud security expertise is the new gold standard, and machine learning skills for Threat Intelligence Analysis are all the rage. Plus, with the rise of remote and hybrid work environments, mobile-remote computing is in high demand. It’s an exciting time to be in the field!

The Cybersecurity Odyssey: MSP Recruitment and the AI Transformation

And that’s a wrap, folks! The cybersecurity world is a thrilling treasure hunt, filled with challenges and opportunities galore. From the rise of AI to the demand for cloud security expertise and machine learning skills, it’s an exhilarating time to be in the field. So, grab your dancing shoes and join the cybersecurity party of a lifetime! 2023 is the year to bridge the gap between human ingenuity and technological marvels.

Stay curious, stay secure, and let’s conquer the cyberverse together!

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