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Feb 4, 2024

Balancing Behavioural vs. Technical Skills for Success

In the world of tech recruitment, we’re on a mission to rewrite the code when finding candidates. Merging the analytical prowess of technical skills with the intuitive grace of behavioural skills, and finding the right talent for each role, team and company is the ultimate way of unlocking true value from each hire.

At Wildcat Careers, we’re your partner in navigating the pathways between technical and behavioural recruitment. With 75% of businesses now using structured interview approaches with a growing trend towards the use of behavioural assessment, we have been at the forefront of supporting businesses to adopt this tactic since our formation. Behavioural assessment sites at the core of who we are – after all, we’ve won awards for our work in skills-driven recruitment.

In this month’s blog, we’ve created a resource to help you understand the value of technical vs. behavioural skill assessment, and the quick-fire approaches you should be considering in creating your recruitment strategy.

Decoding the DNA of Technical & Behavioural Skills Recruitment

Technical skills in tech are like superpowers. They are specific, job-related abilities that make you a formidable force in the tech arena. Think of coding languages as your spells, software proficiency as your weapons, and network management as your strategy for digital domination. When assessing technical prowess, you need to look beyond the traditional qualifications, certifications, and length of experience.

Assessments are gold. According to SHRM, 82% of businesses are now using some form of a pre-employment test or assessment in their recruitment process. And those using pre-hire assessments are reporting that 36% of hiring managers are more satisfied with their final decision on their candidate than those that are yet to employ assessment tactics.

Candidate assessment comes in an array of forms. From challenging talent to tackle real-life technical support challenges to assessing a candidate’s problem-solving approach in scenarios and leadership challenges. It is not just about what you have done, it’s about how you have done it, and your ability to apply those skills under pressure. While candidates sometimes struggle with this format, 39% of organisations using pre-employment report a lower turnover rate.

Behavioural Skills: The Human Element in Tech

Behavioural skills in tech are like the hidden codes that make you a well-rounded player. They are the soft skills that enable you to navigate the human aspect of technology – communication skills as your bandwidth, teamwork as your network protocol, emotional intelligence as your error-handling mechanism, and adaptability as your system upgrades.

35% of recruiters believe that soft skill assessments will be shaping the recruitment industry in the next decade. Behavioural interviews are truly interactive sessions that enable hiring managers to decode how they would respond to various workplace scenarios. A behavioural assessment can also include personality algorithm tests which reveal the unique programming of your personality. Combined with technical assessment, your response to 360-degree  feedback also allows hiring managers to gather insights as to how you respond, grow, and learn – all critical for succeeding in any workplace.

At Wildcat Careers, we’ve engineered a dual-core assessment approach, evaluating candidates on both technical skills and behavioural acumen. We believe this method is crucial in finding candidates who not only excel technically but also thrive in a company’s dynamic environment. 75% of hiring managers agree that behavioural questions are effective in assessing a candidate’s potential performance – which is a game changer in finding the right talent!

We also employ customised assessment tools, tailor-made to offer a nuanced picture of a candidate’s overall potential and create complete profiles that enable hiring managers to make those final, crucial decisions.

Crafting the Perfect Tech Harmony: Skill Sync in Recruitment

Finding the right balance between technical expertise and behavioural harmony is key in candidate selection. We look beyond the binary to find candidates who not only have the skills to excel in their role but also the ability to blend into the company’s unique cultural code.

Determining the ideal mix of skills for each role is key. You need to evaluate the technical skills you require, the potential skill gaps you have in your teams, and how you evaluate a candidate to fit in your culture. Building a custom assessment process is important. With 60% of applicants abandoning the recruitment process if it is too complex or stressful, finding the right mix is a challenge.

Staying ahead of the curve, and ahead of competitor employers in attracting talent also helps to build a positive employer reputation. 15% of applicants experiencing a positive hiring experience will put more effort into the job, and companies who take the time to develop a positive hiring experience report a 70% improvement in the quality of hires.

Here at Wildcat Careers, our recruitment strategies are designed to adapt to the latest trends in the tech industry, ensuring that candidate and employer needs, wants and wishes are delicately balanced to optimise the whole lifecycle.

Selecting Skill Assessment Tools: What’s Best for IT & MSPs

IT and MSP recruitment in the UK is an ever-changing beast. Behavioural assessments are not just a ‘byte’ of the selection process, they are the ‘hard drive’ behind identifying candidates who are not just tech-savvy but also a perfect ‘fit’ in the circuit of the company’s culture.

Let’s boot up and look at the tools and tactics that the best in the industry use:

Firstly, Competency-Based Interviews are more than just ‘talking the talk’. These interviews delve deep into a candidate’s database of past experiences and behaviours, serving as a reliable ‘server’ of information for predicting future performance. Questions are crafted not just to decode competencies like teamwork and problem-solving, but also to debug the adaptability skills of the candidates.

Next up is psychometric Testing – where tools like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) are the tools to understanding a candidate’s personality traits and work style. Adding the DiSC™ assessment into the mix, one of Wildcat Career’s certified tools, and we can analyse behavioural traits in various work-related scenarios. Think of DiSC™ as the operating system that helps us understand how a candidate might program their behaviour in different team dynamics.

And then we have the Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs), which are not just hypothetical scenarios, but real test runs for a candidate’s problem-solving and decision-making software. These tests present candidates with scenarios where they need to select the most appropriate response, offering a sneak peek into their potential workplace performance.

Together, these methodologies – Competency-Based Interviews, Psychometric Testing (with MBTI, OPQ, and DiSC™), and Situational Judgment Tests – provide a ‘full-stack’ approach to candidate assessment. They ensure the recruitment process isn’t just about finding someone who can support but someone who also connects with the team and the company culture. In the end, it’s all about finding that perfect candidate to meet business needs.

Mastering the Art of Tech Talent Recruitment

At Wildcat Careers, we’ve mastered the art of crafting the perfect tech harmony by syncing technical expertise with behavioural finesse in our recruitment strategies. We understand that the right candidate is more than just a sum of their skills – they’re a unique blend of technical prowess and interpersonal dynamics, a synergy that’s essential in today’s fast-paced IT and MSP sectors.

Our dual-core assessment approach, evaluating both technical skills and behavioural acumen, is tailored to unearth candidates who are not just exceptional in their technical roles but also align seamlessly with your company’s culture. And with top hiring managers affirming the effectiveness of behavioural questions in assessing candidate potential, Wildcat Careers has been ahead of the curve with skills-driven recruitment at the core of who we are. We go beyond the binary, employing cutting-edge tools like DiSC™, along with MBTI and OPQ, to offer a nuanced understanding of each candidate.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a recruitment partner who can navigate the intricate labyrinth of tech and MSP recruitment with ease, look no further. Wildcat Careers is here to redefine your hiring experience, blending the best of technical and behavioural assessments to bring you candidates who are not just skilled but are the right fit for your team’s dynamics and your company’s future.

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