Step into Breakthrough Recruitment: What does 2024 hold in store?

Jan 7, 2024

Welcome aboard the 2024 IT and MSP recruitment express – a thrilling ride through the futuristic landscape of talent acquisition! As we zoom into the new year, the recruitment sector is gearing up for an exhilarating journey, packed with AI wizardry, virtual reality escapades, and a job market more dynamic than a rollercoaster loop!

In the bustling world of 2023, a whopping 93% of organisations were on the edge of their seats about employee retention. Talk about a suspense thriller in the corporate world! And if that’s not enough of a plot twist, imagine 67% of the workforce scouting for new job opportunities. The stage is set for a recruitment saga that’s as intriguing as it is unpredictable.

Now, enter the world of AI – the game-changing superhero of recruitment. With 63% of companies investing in this tech prodigy, we’re not just talking about a sidekick here; we’re talking about a star player revolutionising the recruitment game. AI is like the master chef of recruitment, whipping up the perfect blend of efficiency and precision, from CV screening to interview scheduling.

But wait, there’s more! Virtual Reality (VR) is taking the recruitment scene by storm, turning mundane interviews into immersive adventures. Imagine assessing candidates in a virtual world where they can showcase their skills in a setting as realistic as the Matrix! It’s not just a trend; it’s a whole new reality!

And let’s not forget our digital helpers, the chatbots. These tireless assistants are like the R2-D2s of recruitment, handling initial screenings and fielding candidate queries with a beep and a boop, freeing up precious human time for the real mind-meld stuff.

As for the work environment, remote and hybrid models have gone from sci-fi fantasy to everyday reality. This shift has turned the traditional office into a digital frontier, where the only commute is through cyberspace!

So, as we buckle up for 2024, let’s embrace this wild ride with AI as our co-pilot, VR as our map, and a spirit of adventure. It’s time to zoom ahead in the IT and MSP recruitment world, where the only limit is our imagination. Ready for lift-off? Let’s make 2024 a year to remember in the world of recruitment!

2024: Unlock Advanced Recruitment Solutions

In the mystical realm of Full-Service Recruitment, AI is our genie, transforming the recruitment landscape. With 44% of companies exploring the benefits of AI, this tech wizardry isn’t quickly becoming an essential skill on CVs. It’s like having a crystal ball powered by algorithms!

The personalised candidate journey is mission-critical in the world of recruitment Each candidate is the hero of their own story, and in 2024, we’re guiding them with communication tailored to their unique path, ensuring their experience is nothing short of magical.

In fact, candidates are placing experience as one of the most important drivers towards employers. With nearly 4 in 5 candidates (78%) saving overall candidate experience is the primary indicator of how a company values its people, and over 80% saying that a positive or negative experience can change their minds about a company, it is time to smarten up.

In Wildcat Career’s full-service recruitment approach, we use a combination of the latest tools and over 20 years of personal knowledge and expertise in the recruitment industry to provide advanced solutions tailored to the evolving needs of IT and MSP sectors. That is why our candidates are nurtured from the get-go, where we also ensure we smash the benchmark of 65% of job seekers saying they never receive notice of their application status – we get back to every candidate involved in every part of our applications.

Developing Teams: Building Your Avengers with Data

In 2024, assembling your team is about finding individuals with unique superpowers. The focus is on skills and cultural fit, especially important in an era where 65% of workers prefer a hybrid role with the option of accessing a physical office space. We’re not just filling positions; we’re building a fortress of diverse talent, ready to tackle the dynamic challenges of the IT world.

Throughout 2023, over 52% of workers left a job or considered leaving because they did not feel like they belong. And with 37% of employees staying in their current job because they are working with a great team, it is time to flip those numbers. Creating an internal culture that unifies teams is essential. Employees love collaboration and communication between teams as an essential culture and belonging driver, and with nearly 100% preferring a workplace in which people identify and discuss issues truthfully and effectively, creating the best team dynamic is the way forward for 2024.

There is plenty of quantitative and qualitative evidence to the importance of team development, but with companies still placing it low on the L&D agenda, it shouldn’t just be a tick-box exercise, it is the year where you need to transform how you make a team feel bonded – and not just through team building events – through a constant cultural and behavioural shift.

This year, it’s about nurturing talents and creating an environment where innovation blossoms, inclusivity and equity thrives, all while ensuring a perfect blend of skills and personality to create a team that is truly ‘your brand’.

Career Coaching: Navigating the IT Sector with Expert Guidance in 2024

As an extension to developing teams, Career Coaching in 2024 goes beyond traditional advice; it’s about investing in the value of individuals as a base for building better teams and companies overall. The IT sector’s rapid change underscores the importance of upskilling, with employees 10 times more likely to seek a new job if they feel their current one doesn’t utilise their skills well. Our coaching is a beacon, illuminating the path to new skills and opportunities.

2023 saw a huge growth in the coaching industry which is a direct reflection of global demand changes. In Europe in particular, Europe has seen a +51% growth in professionals seeking to level-up their game – and ultimately – their value to businesses and companies.

And did you know, even the best leader can benefit from coaching. In order to achieve their goals, finding clarity and focus is essential. Having a career coach is the ultimate approach to gaining perspective, and a way to manage time and energy better. It enables leaders to have a different and objective approach to learning how to deal with stress and challenges, and coaching is directly linked to the best leaders in the business.

This year, it’s all about navigating career challenges and mastering new technological terrains, ensuring every professional journey is as fulfilling and exciting as a space odyssey.

Our career coaching services are designed to navigate through the complexities of the IT sector, offering personalised guidance and insights.

Outplacement Support: The Time Machine with Compassion

Outplacement Support in 2024 is about ensuring smooth transitions. It’s a journey of new beginnings, guided by understanding and support. In a world where 23% of employed employees plan to resign, with 34% having no new job in sight, our support is more crucial than ever. We’re equipping individuals with the tools and guidance they need for their next career adventure.

Outplacement counselling is also important. With 4 of 5 employers providing outplacement support as a value-adding service, it is also a way to safeguard the ‘corporate brand’ and provides better support for employees transitioning into career search and growth environments. Outplacement support traditionally provides support to downsizing, and reorganisations and to support poor-performing employees out of a business and into an appropriate role without the headache of employee relations challenges.

It’s also a tool used to support staff who want to change career, with benefits equally supporting employees and employers! We help employees through job search, networking, online applications, interview coaching and the navigation of the job market.

In 2024, it’s not just about finding a new role; it’s about exploring uncharted career paths with confidence and optimism. Services that Wildcat Careers offer supports retention, enables employers to be more productive and reduces the risk of employee relations. We remain here to protect your employer brand and to boost an external view of brand values.

Wildcat Careers: Your Launchpad for 2024

As we prepare for re-entry from the new year journey, let’s not forget the power of data and insights in shaping the future of IT and MSP recruitment. From AI-driven matchmaking to personalised career journeys, and from team building to compassionate outplacements, 2024 is set to be a year of transformative recruitment experiences.

Ready for lift-off? Let’s harness the power of these trends and stats to make 2024 a year where recruitment isn’t just a process; it’s a grand, data-driven adventure in the cosmos of talent acquisition!


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