Online Dating And Recruitment: More Similar Than You Might Think

Jan 18, 2023

Reading that title, you might think we have gone a little bit mad. After all, the professional industry of recruitment and the very personal area of dating and online dating are worlds apart, and have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Right?

Well, almost right. The truth is that if you strip back a lot of the stigma for both industries, you will actually find a lot of similarities. The way they are built, the way they are executed, even the way people feel about them can conjure the same reactions and emotions. We wanted to dig into that a little more, and we found some surprising similarities between online dating and recruitment that we think you might like.

Matching Of Needs And Demands

The first thing that brings these two industries together is the way they match up the needs of one party with the demands of another. For example, when we browse an online dating site, we will likely be given suggested matches of people we should, talk to. But most of us don’t want to date just anyone – we will have preferences and expectations around anything from age, appearance and shared interests to educational background and even hair colour. This means that you need to fill in what you’re looking for, and a matchmaking process needs to take place.

The same process happens in recruitment. Companies don’t want just anyone working for them, so they write down exactly what they are looking for. True, they aren’t looking for certain characteristics like appearance or age – but they are looking for experience, knowledge, skills and location. Companies are on the lookout for people who match their criteria, and a recruiter’s job is to look for those people in the job market and bring them together. So in a way, recruiters are the online dating sites of the business world.

That First Step

Whether you’re dating or recruiting, there is still the need for one party to reach out and connect – taking that first step towards a longer relationship. In online dating, it may be as simple as sending a message to the person you’re interested in, or even just adding them as a ’favourite’ if you’re not quite ready yet. Once that step has been taken, you can start a conversation to see if you are right for each other.

In recruitment, it’s actually quite similar. A candidate might apply for a vacancy they see that matches their ambitions, capabilities or values. An employer’s first step might be inviting the most intriguing candidates to interview, or reaching out to passive candidates elsewhere to add to the talent pool. 

The Scarcity Of People You Want To Meet

It’s a feeling many of us have experienced when attempting to date online. Browsing all of those faces every day, but never quite seeing anyone that grabs your attention long enough to make you contact them. And if you do contact someone, they may never reply to your messages. This can lead you to feel like there is a shortage out there of people you actually want to meet.

Companies can often feel the same way when recruiting for a new role. They know what it’s like to struggle to find the candidate that possesses the skills and experience they really need. Ultimately, the most attractive people in both the online dating and the recruitment world will always tend to have the greatest number of people showing an interest in them – and so the greatest range of options. That means there may be a lot of competition for those golden few.

Interviewing For Success

Then finally, you have the big one – the first date. When you meet up, have a chat and find out if there is any spark between you. You ask a lot of questions about each other over a drink, probing your backgrounds and trying to understand if this is a good fit or not. Will there be a second date? This is when you’ll decide.

Sound familiar? It’s almost exactly the same in recruitment, just without any of the romantic undertones. An interview is like a first date, with both the company and the candidate asking questions to find out if this is a good fit. A lot of people forget that an interview is also a chance for the candidate to get a good gauge of the company, as well as the other way around. Once it is over, both sides decide whether or not the candidacy should continue.

In reality, there are so many more ways in which online dating can be compared to online recruitment. For example, there are first, second and third dates that are reminiscent of several phases of job interviews. Then there’s a simple human connection, and the instinct that tells you a certain date or candidate is right or wrong for your needs. At Wildcat Careers, we like to think of ourselves as the ‘matchmakers’ of the business world, helping bring candidates and businesses together for long, fruitful relationships. To find out more about our matchmaking skills, just get in touch with the team today.


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