How To Find The Right Employees

Jun 24, 2022

Do you find it difficult to hire the right employees for your business? Or to understand exactly what it is that makes a candidate ‘right’ for the role before you hire them? Don’t worry if you do, it’s a very common problem! Let’s face it, sometimes finding candidates that fit the job description can be challenging in itself, especially during a pandemic, and that’s before you start looking at how right they are for the business. But since this is such a key factor in building a successful business, it’s important to get it right. So, here are 3 things you can do to make sure you find the right employees for your role every time.

Hiring Is Like Marketing

It might not seem like it on the surface but recruiting and marketing are very similar. In both cases you are reaching out into the world to tell people about your company, trying to convince them to make a change in their life. Either to buy from you over a competitor or to leave their current job and work for you. It’s much more than just posting your product or job ad online and waiting for people to buy.

So, one of the best things you can do for your recruitment is view it a bit more like marketing. You are advertising the opportunity to work for your company and need to make yourself look attractive to potential candidates. Focus on generating interest and excitement about working for your company. What are the benefits of a candidate working for you over your competitor, and why should they be interested?

You also need to consider where your ideal employee would hang out online so that you can target your advertisements on the right channels. Keep your posts fresh and relevant so that you generate interest in your business and the opportunities. Look at other ways to share the message that you’re hiring, including multiple sites, in-person adverts and referrals from existing employees. Market your roles to the kind of person you want to hire, and you’ll find more of the right people walking through the door.

Go Virtual

The pandemic has meant more people are working from home than ever before, and virtual meetings are now the norm in a lot of settings – including interviews. Offering virtual interviews can have a number of benefits for both you and your candidates, especially in the early stages of the interview process. Our advice is to actually adopt a hybrid interview style, where the first round of interviews are conducted online and the final interviews in person. This not only simplifies the process but it saves you and your candidates a lot of time, since in-person interviews tend to take longer. The flexibility of virtual interviews is another added bonus for many candidates, as it means they don’t need to take time away from their current role (especially useful if their employer doesn’t know they’re job hunting yet) and interviews can be much more convenient. It also showcases that you are a modern business that values their time, which will help attract the right kind of candidate.

Be Proactive

Recruitment used to be a very passive process on the company’s part, with job seekers doing the bulk of the heavy lifting. To the point that employers didn’t need to think about replacing an employee until they had already walked out of the door, since they knew finding someone else would be easy.


Now, that’s not so true. Sometimes the right person might not have the skill set you need, or not be available to start until a set date, which can leave you in the lurch if you aren’t careful. Businesses need to become more proactive in their approach to finding new employees, and planning for company growth well ahead of time. Part of this is not running your business at minimum capacity. If you know your finance department would collapse if Barbera had to leave, then you need to hire another employee now so that someone is trained and able to step into her place. This is called redundancy.

In practice, this might mean joining groups on Facebook or LinkedIn and building the profile of your company in the industry as part of your marketing strategy. That way when you’re looking to hire in the future, there is already a pool of people who know about your company and would be interested in working for it.

We know it’s tough to find new talent at the moment, especially with the workforce in such turmoil. But there is a huge market full of fantastic employees just waiting to work for your business if you know where and how to look. At Wildcat Careers we can help you understand what you need from your ideal employee, design a recruitment strategy to attract them and support you through the interview process from beginning to end. If you would like to know more, just get in touch with the team today.