How Flexible Is Your Recruiter?

Jan 6, 2023

Recruitment isn’t a one size fits all thing. In fact, that one size usually only fits one person. But in spite of that, many recruiters take the same approach for each and every one of their clients. It’s one of the things that can contribute to a high turnover rate for businesses, and why recruitment is such a mixed bag. Each recruiter will have their preferred ways of working, and some will stick very rigidly to that!

But a good recruiter will be able to adjust their approach based on their client, the kind of role they are recruiting for and the industry they are recruiting in. This flexibility means they are more likely to find the ideal candidate for the role every time, instead of trying 3 or 4 times to get it right and failing each time. But what sort of things can a recruiter do to provide that flexible approach to their customers?

Flexibility On Working Recruitment Campaigns

Recruiting packages often come as ‘set’, so each client gets the same thing. If you have a tried and tested method for recruiting, this can be a good thing. But more often than not, each unique client will need a slightly different approach. A good recruiter will work with the client to create a unique recruitment campaign to attract the right kind of candidate. That means offering a buffet instead of a set menu, but guiding the client on what the best approach for their business might be.

Dedicated Access

As a recruiter, access to high-quality candidates is everything. Rather than opting for a recruiter with one channel of access, you might be better off finding one who has access to a wide variety of sources for candidates. As well as the standard options, a good recruiter will also have access to more job boards, including CV library, Jobsite, Totaljobs, Reed and more. As a cyber security and IT support recruitment specialist, we also have dedicated access to tailored IT career sites, giving us the widest possible pool of candidates for your business.

Bespoke Fee Packages

Again, a lot of recruiters will have set packages for their clients to choose from, each of which comes with a set fee. A typical generic recruiter will often offer you a set number of hours or days for a campaign, and if you go over that time, you’ll have to pay for more time. Not great if you’re trying to hire for a niche, creative role, which can take some time to find.

Instead, it’s best to find a recruiter who will work on a bespoke fee package with you, ideally with a ‘no find no fee’ policy, so that if you don’t find a good fit, you aren’t left out of pocket. A retainer relationship is ideal here because it means you know you’ll always get the right fit for your business without worrying about complicated fee structures.

Work Until The Position Is Filled

There are 2 kinds of recruiters – passive and active. A passive recruiter will wait for CVs to come in for their job listings, do some basic parsing and then pass them on to the client to sift through. An active recruiter will be out looking for good candidates, contacting people, checking CV’s and even doing pre-interviews before they pass good, qualified candidates on to you. In short, they will work until the position is filled, rather than wait for it to be filled.

Valued Strategic Networks

A strategic network is essential for a good recruiter. A good way to work out if your recruiter has a good strategic network of candidates and partners around them is by checking their LinkedIn profiles. The more connections they have and the more active they are, the more likely you are to find the right kind of candidate. You should also ask your recruiter what kind of networking they do, and how they find their candidates. A recruiter with multiple networks is more likely to have the contacts to find the ideal candidate for your role.

At Wildcat Careers, we offer all of the above, and more. We pride ourselves on our flexible, personal approach to recruitment. We’ve done our time in big corporate recruitment firms that place a lot of restrictions on geography, campaigns and even timings for recruitment. Which means we know the ropes, and we can provide our clients with a totally different approach. And because we specialise in cyber security and IT support roles, you know you’ll get the best talent when you use us. To find out more, get in touch with the team today.


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