The Definitive Guide to Cybersecurity Recruitment: Finding & Retaining Talent

Mar 13, 2023

What is Cybersecurity Recruitment & Why is it Important?

The world of Cybersecurity needs new talent now more than ever. From landing that first job to growing a successful career, it’s a field that has a much-discussed skills shortage – and an abundance of job openings. With smartphones, computers and the internet now a fundamental part of our lives, it is now essential that those firms in charge of safeguarding us all have the right staff in place to keep our data in lockdown.

T-Mobile faced such a challenge in early 2023, discovering that over 37 million customers’ personal information was maliciously stolen. Finding the right talent to create, man and drive the systems that keep their networks secure is essential. On top, with the growing pressure that AI and Machine Learning bring, cyber-attacks are getting increasingly sophisticated. It remains that the human eye is the best tool to spot cybersecurity trends.

To keep ahead of competitors, even the largest firms in the world are getting smart around their information technology security, and are hiring qualified professionals to fill roles – and cybersecurity recruitment is now a major player within the IT recruitment world. It remains a niche industry, with cyber security specialists requiring a deep understanding of the technical requirements of each role, as well as the ability to assess a candidate’s soft skills and emotional Q. After all, a poorly managed disaster can tie up any corporate agenda for years to come.

By using specialists, such as Wildcat Careers, hiring managers can be reassured that they are bringing the right qualified individuals into roles to fulfil their security needs.

5 Strategies for Finding & Hiring The Best Cybersecurity Talent

With the ever-increasing demand for cybersecurity professionals, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to find the right talent. The job market is highly competitive, and organisations need to be proactive in their search for qualified and experienced candidates.

It is a time-demanding task that needs professionals at the helm. According to a 2023 Hyperproof IT Compliance Benchmark Survey, 70% of firms anticipate their compliance teams growing in size over the next two years. The grind to operationalising the recruitment strategy to fill such roles, including where firms are finding it a struggle to attract talent, is a challenge that firms are unable to meet.

So, what 5 strategies would Wildcat Careers bring? We work exclusively with you to get your compensation offer right through a detailed understanding of each vacancy’s requirements, and through benchmarking roles within the sector. We’ll paint a full picture of opportunities for candidates, and bring a series of AI and human-driven tools to minimise the energy-sapping administrative work around talent attraction. We lead the entire recruitment lifecycle, presenting candidates ready to onboard. We will also educate your decision-makers on the importance of career development, offering coaching to executives to ensure you have a chain of professionals ready to take on any cybersecurity challenge.

How to Retain the Right Cybersecurity Talent and Keep them Engaged

Retaining the right cybersecurity talent is essential for minimising the costs behind recruitment and talent investment. It’s not enough to just hire the best candidates, they need to be kept engaged, particularly through the crucial onboarding and initial development period.

So, you have your candidate. You have successfully onboarded them and plugged a skills gap. But what happens when you cannot retain them? In 2022, 63% of ISACA respondents found unfilled cyber security positions up 8% in just 1 year – all because cyber security teams were understaffed. Wildcat Careers works with you to ensure your proposition is strong, and through our placement support services, that talent is engaged throughout their period, addressing any emerging needs that put retention at risk.

Here at Wildcat Careers, we take the struggle out of retention through ongoing talent engagement, and through proactive work with hiring managers to ensure a constant stream of talent to meet future anticipated vacancies.

What Are The Best Practices for Developing Your Cybersecurity Recruiting Plan?

Developing a successful cybersecurity recruiting plan requires a lot of effort and strategy. It is important to understand the best practices to ensure that you have the right people in place to protect your organisation from cyber threats. Jane Matthews, founder of Wildcat Careers brings a deep understanding of the sector and is perfectly positioned to lead the consultancy process to build a successful recruitment plan.

Positioning Wildcat Careers as a recruitment agency, she creates a bespoke template for your recruitment processes and uses winning methodologies to attract the best talent. With the likelihood that recruitment budgets will continue to scale, Wildcat’s services enable corporates to be unconstrained in growing services to meet headcount needs. With 20+ years of doing such via her enterprises and for leading IT recruitment firms, she is the benchmark by which best practice is achieved.

The Benefits of Working with Wildcat Careers for Your Cyber Security Recruitment Needs

Wildcat Careers is a leading provider of cybersecurity services, offering a range of solutions to help organisations protect their data and networks. From recruitment and career coaching to hiring strategy and talent acquisition, Wildcat Careers provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the needs of today’s businesses. With experienced professionals in computing security, behavioural analysis and data protection, Wildcat Careers can provide your business with the tools it needs to stay safe in the digital world.

By taking advantage of their expertise in cybersecurity, you can ensure that your organisation remains secure from cyber threats while also benefiting from the latest advances in technology. With Wildcat Careers on your side, you can rest assured that your customer’s data is safe and secure through the placement of qualified talent.


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