Cybersecurity Month 2023! From Ghouls to Gigabytes

Oct 9, 2023

Boo, Digital Enthusiasts! While October might conjure images of pumpkins and ghosts, in the tech world it’s all about the shimmer of cyber stardom- yup, it’s cybersecurity month! Here at Wildcat Careers, where we live and breathe IT, MSP, and cybersecurity recruitment, so we’re spilling the beans on all the cyber tea for 2023.

With cybersecurity making waves from start-ups to corporate giants, it’s the month for digital buffs to scale up their skills, knowledge, and swag.

Cybersecurity Month 2023: Tips & Tricks:

Got your cyber hats on? This year’s theme is all about making life simpler: ‘Make Online Security Easier’ (because who likes complications, right?). Four easy-peasy lemon-squeezy steps for you and your team:

  • Multifactor Authentication (It’s like the bouncer for your data).
  • Killer passwords (and no, “password123” won’t do) + a nifty password manager.
  • Keep that software fresh (Nobody likes outdated fashion or software!).
  • Spot and squash those phishy emails.

Bonus: The World Economic Forum teamed up with Accenture to drop the hottest album, err, report – Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2023. Spoiler alert – we also have Cybersecurity Careers Week with “Start Planning to Participate” – sounds like a party invite, and trust us, you won’t want to miss this shindig! Dive in and discover the vast ocean of cyber gigs out there.

Cyber Roles: Who Are You?

We’ve got a smorgasbord of cyber roles that’ll make your head spin.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO): The general of the cyber army. They strategise, lead, and ensure everything runs ship-shape.

Field Technician: Our on-ground warriors, armed with tools and expertise, zipping around solving tech mysteries and saving days!

Technical Sales Manager: The bridge between geeky jargons and the world. They’re smooth talkers, ensuring businesses get the top-notch security they need.

Security Sales Engineer: Imagine a tech-wizard salesman, sprinkling magic (and knowledge) wherever they go.

Security Operations Centre (SOC) Analyst: Picture them with multiple screens, in a cool, dark room, eyes darting, always watching, ever vigilant.

Sales Development Representative: The explorers searching for new lands (or clients) to conquer with their charm and cyber wits.

Account Executive: The charmers, building relationships and sealing the deal with a handshake and a wink.

Information Security Analyst: Our frontline digital detectives. They’re like Sherlock but for networks, always on the hunt for those cyber mischief-makers.

Cybersecurity Specialist: These are our knights in shining armour, keeping castles (or systems) safe from fire-breathing dragons (or hackers).

Security Architect: Think of them as the architects of fortresses. Instead of moats and drawbridges, they use firewalls and encryption.

Penetration Tester: The friendly burglars! They try to break in, find the weak spots, then tell you all about it. Kind of like pointing out you left the keys in your front door. Except, digitally.

Security Analyst: Cyber detectives with magnifying glasses focused on screens, always hunting for clues of any misadventures in the system.

Cryptographer: The secret keepers. They’re whipping up codes and ciphers that would make ancient spies jealous.

Selling the Cyber Dream

Cybersecurity is not just a career; it’s a movement. It’s the silent chant that resonates every time someone logs in, makes a purchase, or shares a moment online. So, gear up, dive in, and let’s make the digital realm a safer, swankier place!

First things first, highlight that cyber isn’t just about codes and firewalls. It’s about safeguarding memories, protecting innovations, and ensuring that everyone can safely share their cat videos (or groundbreaking research). It’s about passion colliding with purpose.

So whether you’re an adrenaline junkie wanting to chase hackers, or you live for selling snow to the eskimos, there’s a role tailored for everyone. And the best way to attract talent is to tell epic cyber tales. Every professional has a story. That time they thwarted a huge data breach? Or when they caught a sneaky malware just in time? It’s time to spotlight these stories. They’re not just about saving data; they’re about being the unsung heroes of the digital age!

It’s not just cool, but super-smart to gamify learning experiences—and don’t forget to market that magic to aspiring talent! Let’s face it, learning can sometimes be… yawn… boring. But what if we made it as fun as a video game? Hosting hackathons, capture-the-flag contests, or escape rooms can ignite passion and make acquiring skills a thrill!

It’s also critical that you make the entry journey for candidates as smooth as possible. Host workshops, webinars, and bootcamps. Offer mentorships where seasoned pros guide the newbies, illuminating the pathways into the field.

Let’s be real, security careers come with some serious perks – competitive salaries, opportunities to continuously learn and upgrade, and often the flexibility to work from anywhere. Who wouldn’t want a slice of that pie?

Navigating the Cyber Crypt: Your Guided Haunt!

Ready for a spine-tingling tour into the cyber world?

Venturing into the shadowy realm of cybersecurity can seem like stepping into a haunted mansion, but fear not – the rewards are bewitching. While many spirits drift towards traditional corridors, like Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in cyber, IT, or computer science, the bold might prefer the accelerated thrill of short-term bootcamps – it’s like mastering a spell overnight!

Among the crypts and tombstones, certifications like CompTIA Security+ stand as guiding ghouls, with the elite CISSP and the mysterious Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) luring those seeking to harness dark powers. But if you’re looking for a touch of magic, government cauldrons bubble with elixirs like Cyber Explorers, Cyber First, and the transformative Upskill in Cyber. Crafted to enchant both fresh-faced apprentices and wizened wizards of the workforce, these potions fortify the UK’s security fortress.

For those charmed by the allure of sales-oriented roles in cybersecurity, specialised courses on tech sales and cybersecurity solutions marketing are your crystal balls. They grant visions to decipher client enigmas, weave compelling narratives, and seal enchanting deals.

Beyond the arcane arts and alchemy, dive into the thrilling spectacles of hackathons, Capture The Ghost (CTG) challenges, and eerie cyber escape rooms. Seek forbidden knowledge from cursed scrolls on platforms like Cybrary and Coursera, mingle in ghostly forums, and summon alliances in LinkedIn covens. Ever considered a spell as an intern or necromancy apprentice? The experience can be more rewarding than a pot of phantom gold. Local witching circles (read: community colleges and workshops) often hold the most potent brews and spells. To truly transcend, conjure your home lab – a necropolis to experiment, conjure, and innovate.

The vast underworld of cybersecurity beckons with cryptic riddles and haunted hallways. Whether you’re the guardian spirit or the shadowy strategist, there’s a lantern glowing, awaiting your touch in this infinite spectral labyrinth.

In the Shadows Lies Opportunity

As the ghostly winds of October settle, remember: beyond the ghoulish tales and jack-o’-lanterns, a vibrant world of cybersecurity beckons, full of challenges and rewards. This spectral realm offers more than just jobs—it promises purpose, passion, and a chance to be a hero in a digital age. So, whether you’re a fresh-faced apprentice or a seasoned sorcerer of the cyber world, there’s always a new spell to learn, a cryptic code to decipher, and an enchanted path awaiting you.

Dare to Dive Deeper? Join our Wildcat Careers coven today, subscribe to our newsletter for bewitching updates, or share your cyber tales in the comments below. The cryptic riddles of cybersecurity need brave souls like you. So, are you ready to light up the labyrinth?



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