6 Reasons Christmas Is The Season Of Recruitment

Nov 18, 2022

If you work in an office, you might realise that the Christmas season can be a less hectic and even a slack period for your business. While there is a lot of running around to tie up loose ends, there aren’t any big projects to do, and everyone is generally a bit more relaxed. In most cases, everyone – including recruiters – are gearing down and changing their work patterns for Christmas. But if you’ve got a vacancy in the business, then you should see this as a golden opportunity to fill it. While most people don’t think so, December and January are actually prime recruiting months for businesses. Don’t believe us? Here are 6 reasons you should still be recruiting this Christmas:

December Is ‘Easy-Excuse’ Month For Candidates

When a candidate is looking to leave their current role, they often don’t want to let their employer know they’re searching until they have something in place. That means finding lots of excuses to leave for interviews, to take calls from employers and recruiters, and generally to do all the things needed to find a new role. But during December a lot of employees will routinely leave the office for a few hours to go Christmas shopping, Christmas parties or making arrangements for relatives. In general, it’s much easier for candidates to find time to actively job hunt.

Permanent Positions Are Desirable

Job seekers in December tend to fall into two categories – people looking for temporary or part-time work, and people who just happen to want to move careers at this time of year. For the first group, there will always be an abundance of opportunities waiting for them, and finding a role won’t be hard. But for people in the second category, it can be a slog through endless job ads just to find one that’s a full-time, permanent position. Candidates are still searching for their next career move at Christmas, and employers would be missing a trick if they didn’t embrace this. Plus, think of what an amazing Christmas present it would be to give a job offer!

Hiring Managers Are Available

From the business side of things, you and your team are much more likely to be available during the festive season. Because your business and your clients will be taking time off during the month, a lot of projects get put on hold over this period, and December can be spent tying up the loose ends. There are also fewer scheduled meetings, offsite events or conferences to attend at this end of the year. This gives you a lot more time to go through prospective CV’s and meet with candidates, without having to reshuffle your entire day or rush the process.

Money On The Mind

Christmas is expensive. Between all those gifts to buy, general shopping, travel and Christmas party expenses, a lot of bank accounts will be looking a bit slimmer than usual. This often causes people to think about money, whether they are happy with their current salary, or what they could do with just a bit extra. If your business pays significantly above the average, then December and January provide you with a distinct advantage and an irresistible draw for candidates who are worried about money.

2023 Planning Is Happening Now

The start of December is a stark reminder to most people that the year is almost over, and a new one is about to begin. That prompts those people to start thinking about how they would like 2023 to look, and what they could do differently over the next 12 months. For employers, that might mean hiring new people to grow the business. But for candidates it might mean looking back at the last year and realising they haven’t been very happy at work, wanting to earn more money next year (especially if they missed out on a Christmas bonus), or simply to advance their career (one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions). This is actually a period when more people are receptive to hearing about new opportunities than they would usually be – which makes it the perfect time for employers to be on the lookout for new talent and speaking to prospective job-searchers. 

Not Everyone Celebrates Christmas

Don’t forget, not everyone is taking time off and celebrating during the holidays. A lot of religions don’t celebrate Christmas, and many people avoid it for personal reasons as well. For these people, it’s the same as any other time of year, except they are seeing more people slacking and taking time off. Businesses who continue their normal recruitment efforts at this time of year tend to see more results than those who decide to just give up and start again in January.

At Wildcat Careers, we don’t stop working just because it’s Christmas. We still have a pool of excellent candidates who are looking for their next opportunity and we’re always on the look-out for businesses who want to take on new talent in 2023. So if you want to work with a recruiter who won’t stop searching for the right candidate for your role – no matter what time of year it is, just give us a call and book your free consultation.


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